Data Back Ups

As a business with an online presence, the protection of your data and web files is of the utmost importance. Customer Hosting provides Free back up for your hosting account where as in the Bulk Hosting plans Back ups are Paid and chargeable @ 30% of the Package cost.

Maximum Server Speeds

We have the Best data centers located in Los Angeles and Singapore with speeds on Customer Hosting going upto 64Gb but Bulk Hosting comes up only with 16Gb of Ram. However, we ensure faster delivery of content to audiences on both the servers.


We offer 24/7/365 Premium Support is available to all our clients under the Customer Hosting which includes instant reply to emails and messages. However the Bulk Hosting plans come up with maximum time cap of 60 minutes i.e. Our team will respond within maximum 60 minutes of your query.

SSD Drives

SSD commonly known as plans Solid-State Drives are open for all types of web hosting plans under Customer Hosting but is limited in the Bulk Hosting plans to large sized accounts i.e. 10Gb and above for database intensive e-commerce carts and large sized applications.